Month: April 2021

Imagine if you had a bucket of water. And every time you attempted to fill the bucket, 90% of the water would leak out instantly. Every time, all you’d retain was a measly 10%. How many times would you keep filling the bucket? The answer is simple: just once. The first time you noticed the […]
Half of parents give Ontario schools a grade of A or B, while more than one in three families is paying for private tutoring for their children, says a new survey of education issues. “Tutoring is more popular than it has been in the past,” said co-author Arlo Kempf, adding that since the survey, researchers have taken […]
Senior Kayla Blair describes herself as a driven student. When Blair needs academic help, she is proactive and seeks assistance from her teacher. Yet, halfway through her junior year, Blair started to fall behind in Advanced Algebra and, after attending multiple tutorial sessions with her teacher, she still felt she needed additional support outside of […]
Stuttie is a Social Learning Platform that integrates Video Calling with Social Media. Students can ask Questions and Tutors can answer questions.