Top 10 Free HTML Courses

1. Learn responsive web design using HTML5 and CSS.

Start from the very basics of HTML5 by learning what it is, why it’s something you should learn and the new elements that have been added to HTML.

Build a Real Website

In this course you will learn how to create a real-life responsive website using PSD to HTML5.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers
  • Web designers

2. Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML & CSS

Are you an entrepreneur with zero coding experience? – Learn the basics of web development with this beginners course!


As an entrepreneur have you experienced any of the following symptoms?

  • Spending too much money in development and you don’t even understand what the developer is talking about.
  • Every time you need something fixed in your website (like adding a new link or changing an image) you need to wait weeks and spend a lot of money to get it done.
  • You can’t move forward with your business idea because you don’t have a technical co-founder and you don’t know how to code.

If the answer is yes let me say that you are not alone. I work with many entrepreneurs and I hear these complaints every single week. The causes of this problem as:

  • All companies, no matter their size and industry, need development. From a simple website that shows who they are and what they do, to more complex solutions such as mobile apps and information systems.
  • Developer as expensive and scarce. But you probably know this already 🙂
  • They say Programming is the new Math as it is an essential skill to get around nowadays and in the works that’s taking shape, but you weren’t taught how to program at school.

At ZENVA, we’ve decided to tackle this problem and bring you a solution by creating our Programming for Entrepreneurs course series, aimed to give entrepreneurs the basic programming skills and knowledge so that they have higher chances of success with their business ideas.

In Programming for Entrepreneurs / HTML & CSS you’ll learn basic web development concepts and skills that will allow you to build simple websitesmodify existing websites and create interactive prototypes of your business idea so that you can use it as a communication tool with your developer, customers and investors.

In this course, just like in all courses by ZENVA, we’ll follow a project-based approach. Through out the course you’ll be building a “Metro style” homepage that looks great in a desktop computer and in a mobile phone.

What we cover in this course:

  • Benefits of learning the basics of web development for an entrepreneur.
  • Basic web development concepts you need to know.
  • HTML from the very beginning. We’ll go through the most important tags.
  • Creating titles, paragraphs, containers, lists.
  • Adding links and images.
  • Tables.
  • Forms in HTML, including HTML5 semantic input fields
  • Structure of a HTML document.
  • CSS – What is it and how to include it in your website?
  • Selecting elements with CSS.
  • The Box Model.
  • Creating a tile-based Metro style page.
  • Using floating elements to create responsive pages.
  • Styling of lists, fonts, tables.

Don’t forget to checkout the other courses made by ZENVA:

  • iOS and Android HTML5 Apps for Beginners
  • Mobile HTML5 Game Development for Beginners
  • Create a HTML5 Game from Scratch
  • WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners
  • BlackBerry 10 Apps with HTML5
  • Android App Development by Example
  • Introduction to Web Application Development with Symfony

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs and doers. We are looking for people who have world-changing ideas and have the motivation and patience to do what it takes.

3. Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development Career

Learn HTML & CSS To Jump Start Your Career In Web Development


UPDATE: This course is completely updated and current as of February 2017.


Creating a career in development has been the best choice I’ve made in life so far. 

It has allowed me to be geek and get paid making awesome apps that help people.

There is an abundant number of tech jobs in every major city, so you can live in a lot of cool places.

The average web developer makes around $76k a year.

A lot of tech companies allow their employees to work remotely.

Needless to say, this industry has been great to me 🙂

And I want you to experience that too.

The course is split into 4 easy to follow sections:

1.) HTML Section

2.) CSS Section

3.) Code Challenge Final

4.) Course Project

In the HTML and CSS sections you create websites using HTML and CSS.

Add these websites to boost your resume for job interviews.

There are numerous code challenges to practice what you learn, as well as quizzes to make sure you know what you have learned.

In the code challenge final you build a responsive website for a mobile device.

In the course project you build a clone of the UK BBC news website and host it on Github for potential employers to see. This is how I got my first job interview as a web developer!

By the end of this course you will have everything you need to land a web developer job.

Got questions?

I am with you every step of the way.

If you have a bug you can’t figure out, post your code in the discussion tab and I will take a look at it for you.

Remember, I want you to be successful.

The web development industry is growing at an exponential rate. Don’t get left behind!

This course is free.

What excuse do you have to not take this course then? 🙂

Join Now!

Onward to success and freedom!

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Beginner Programmers
  • People Seeking A New Career In Web Development
  • Web Designers Who Want To Implement Their Designs

4. Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Improve your core development skills by building a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Want to improve your core Web Develoment skills? Want to improve your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? In this course, you’re going to learn how to build a Quiz application without the assistance of libraries or frameworks. Here are some of the topic we will cover!

  • Save high scores in Local Storage
  • Create a progress bar
  • Create a spinning loader icon
  • Dynamically generate HTML in JavaScript
  • Fetch trivia questions from Open Trivia DB API

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner or aspiring Web Developers looking to learn core Web Development skills
  • Intermediate Web Developers looking to improve their core Web Development Skills

Course content

1 section â€˘ 14 lectures â€˘ 2h 1m total length

Introduction 14 lectures • 2hr 1min

  • Introduction and Resources 02:13
  • Create and Style the Home Page 14:57
  • Create and Style the Game Page 06:51
  • Display Hard-Coded Questions and Answers 17:37
  • Display Feedback for Correct/Incorrect Answers 07:57
  • Create Head’s Up Display (HUD) 07:43
  • Create a Progress Bar 08:43
  • Create and Style the End Page 13:11
  • Save High Scores in Local Storage 10:34
  • Load and Display High Scores from Local Storage 09:26
  • Fetch API to Load Questions from Local JSON File 06:21
  • Fetch API to Load Questions from Open Trivia DB API 07:09
  • Create a Spinning Loade r07:35
  • Closing 00:55

5. Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From Scratch

Web Development From Scratch: Learn By Doing For Complete Beginners. HTML And CSS. Code Your First Website In 1 Hour.


If you’re looking to get a start on learning the new, fun, and profitable skill of web development, then this course is for you. Instead of teaching tedious theory on how to code a website, you’ll learn practical knowledge on how to do it. The best way to learn is by doing, and that’s why you’ll actually make a complete website from scratch. You’ll learn two different methods, by writing the code from scratch, and using Dreamweaver, a tool that every web developer should have. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages to using each method, and be able to see your work come to life!

Who this course is for:

  • If you’re looking to learn a new, fun, and profitable skill
  • Anyone looking to learn the basics of making a website

Course content

5 sections • 21 lectures • 1h 11m total length

Getting Started3 lectures â€˘ 8min

  • What do I need? 03:02
  • What is HTML / HTML5? 02:37
  • Hello World! 02:03

HTML5 Basics6 lectures â€˘ 14min

  • Declaring the HTML5 doctype 02:00
  • White space 01:57
  • Understanding the head of the document 02:24
  • Giving your webpage a title 01:50
  • The body of the document and marking up some text inside 02:45
  • HTML5 elements 03:00

Becoming familiar with HTML / HTML53 lectures â€˘ 7min

  • Adding Header content 01:49
  • Adding content to the Section 02:09
  • Adding content to the Articles 02:46

Introduction to CSS / CSS3 and styling6 lectures â€˘ 31min

  • Intro to CSS and styling the Body 08:23
  • Floats 04:44
  • Styling the Header 05:11
  • Styling the Section 03:47
  • Styling the Articles 05:07
  • Making the Footer 03:24

Dreamweaver3 lectures â€˘ 12min

  • Downloading, and making a new document 05:13
  • CSS the Dreamweaver way 05:50
  • Conclusion 01:08

6. HTML and CSS Foundations

A super quick introduction to HTML and CSS


This course is for you whether you’re a complete beginner or just want to refresh your knowledge on HTML and CSS.

This course will teach you HTML and CSS using several examples and covers a broad range of common coding practices.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills necessary to create websites that are responsive, adaptive, and animated.

If you have any questions throughout the course, feel free to send me a message or leave a question in the discussion section.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a super-quick guide to HTML and CSS

Course content

13 sections • 29 lectures • 1h 5m total length

Prologue1 lecture â€˘ 1min

  • How to get the most out of this course 00:52

Setup1 lecture • 1min

Tags9 lectures • 14min

File Structure and File Path1 lecture • 3min

Selectors5 lectures • 8min

Box Model2 lectures • 9min

Colors1 lecture • 3min

Fonts1 lecture • 2min

Positioning1 lecture • 4min

Flexbox3 lectures • 8min

Media Queries1 lecture • 4min

Animation2 lectures • 10min

Epilogue1 lecture • 1min

7. HTML Introduction Course: Learn HTML in 2 hours!!!

Start Your Web Development Career by Learning HTML


JOIN THIS COURSE & GET MY HTML & HTML5 Crash Course for Entrepreneurs and other courses for just $5!!!

Have you ever wanted learn HTML? What about learning HTML in just 2 hours!!! If the answer to any of this question is yes, this course is for you. Introduction To HTML is an introduction course that will teach you the basics of HTML. This course will teach you the necessary skills to develop HTML pages .No programming experience is necessary. This course is free and welcome to anyone who wants to learn HTML. We will examine all different aspects of creating HTML pages. We examine how to create HTML pages and apply CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript to our web pages. You will learn about the different elements and attribute tags in HTML. You will learn how to install the great text editor by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code. Did I mention that this course is free for Life!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • This course can benefit anyone who wants to learn HTML. Experience is not necessary to take this course

Course content

5 sections • 28 lectures • 2h 14m total length

Course Introduction & Visual Studio Code Installation3 lectures â€˘ 7min

  • Reminder On Videos 00:10
  • HTML Introduction 04:01
  • Visual Studio Code Installation 02:48

Introduction to HTML 16 lectures • 1hr 32min

HTML Forms 6 lectures • 34min

Course Summary 2 lectures • 1min

Bonus Section 1 lecture • 1min

8. A how to guide in HTML

Learn the language of the web in a quick and accessible way from ground up.


***Lite Edition***

Hello and welcome to this short course on HTML, which is the language of the World Wide Web!

Why Learn HTML?

HTML is the language of the Web. In other words, HTML is the computer language on which the web (Internet) is built. Yet, it is simple and easy to learn and its basic rules are easy to pick up and put to use. HTML is a tool, an investment for life, and once you know how to use it, you are limited only by your imagination.

Course Mission:

The mission of this short course is to provide a quick and accessible way for you to learn HTML from ground up and also use it as a quick basic reference guide wherever and whenever you want. I hope that this course fills in multiple roles as both a learning tool and a basic reference once you expand your skills.

Course Rundown (What makes this course different?):

Each lecture in this course is independent of the other lectures in the course. That is you do not need to follow a linear learning path, which is to start at the very first lecture and end at the last. Just think of this course as a multipurpose tool – perhaps the Swiss Army Knife of HTML language. That is because, not only can you employ this course to learn HTML from scratch but you can also use it as a basic reference whenever you want to review a certain basic topic in the HTML language. It starts with the basics of HTML and builds up to give you a solid background on the basics of HTML.

Lecture Break-down:

How to write tags in HTML?

This lecture will introduce the concept of tags in HTML and will show you how easy it is to write tags in HTML

How to use Windows Notepad Editor to Create HTML Files?

Just in case you do not already know how to setup the environment to work with HTML files, this lecture will take your right through to setup Windows Notepad and show you how you can create HTML files

How to structure an HTML document?

At the heart of every HTML document are the basic underlying elements that form a webpage. This lecture will introduce you to these elements gradually and get you ready to create your first webpage in HTML

How to create Headings?

In this lecture, you will learn how you can create headings on your webpage similar to the headings you see in newspapers, magazines etc.

How to create Paragraphs?

Almost 50 – 80% of all of your webpages will contain text and this lecture does the same – it will guide you through to place paragraphs on your webpage

How to insert/embed images?

A lot of times you may want to make your webpage look beautiful by adding images to it. This lecture will show you exactly the same – it will walk you through to place images on your webpage

Supplementary Files:

Each lecture in this course contains additional supplementary files in the supplementary file section, in order for you to understand the concepts better. In case you want to download a zipped folder of these files, kindly send me a message and I will send you a link to download the zipped folder.

Feedback (Please help me to make this course even better!):

I’m constantly working on to improve this course. Therefore, if you have any feedback you are welcome to send me a message and I will definitely work on to include that in this course.

Premium Edition: The premium edition of this course will contain a complete coverage of the entire HTML language. A journey that will start from the very basics of the language and will take you beyond the frontiers of Mastery!

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Professionals
  • Hobbyists
  • People who want to create their own websites
  • People who want to become web-developers
  • Kids – who want to learn programming in HTML
  • Anyone who wants to learn the language of the web

9. Learn HTML in 2 hours!

Start learning CSS and HTML today and have your website up and running tomorrow!


Course Description

HTML is one of the most essential languages you must learn if you want to become a web developer – they can also the easiest if you learn in the right way. 

With this thorough course you will learn all the skills you need to start your journey into web design!!

You will watch clear videos where  I code along side you and provide the code in a PDF that you can reference later on this course. This is a foolproof way of learning HTML fast! 

Take this course if you want to learn HTML in a fast and efficient way. 

Why take this course?

Currently the world is undergoing a digital revolution, companies and sectors are using their digital capabilities to innovate and transform how they operate. The rapid rate of change has meant many companies now exist purely online  – so if you haven’t already started thinking about your coding skills it is time to start. Whether you want to be able to create a start-up or start a career as a web designer or even just create your own blog site then this course is for you!

In under 2 hours of your time we will get you up and running and ready to code websites with confidence and finesse!

** You will also get a discount to my course on CSS and building a website from scratch once you have completed this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone

Course content

2 sections â€˘ 13 lectures â€˘ 1h 20m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to the course!1 lecture â€˘ 2min

  • Introduction to me and the course01:42

Introduction to HTML – lets start learning!12 lectures • 1hr 19min

10. Introduction to Web Development: HTML

Learn how to build web pages with HTML, including syntax, major elements, and new HTML5 features and capabilities.


This course is an overview of the HTML web programming standard. The course is intended for those who have never done anything with HTML or web pages and would like to build this basic knowledge for starting a career as a web developer or for learning how to program HTML for web pages. By no means will you be a world class UI developer at the end of this course, but you will have the basic understanding of building pages with HTML and HTML5, and at the end of the course you’ll gain knowledge about where to go next to further your front-end web development skills

Who this course is for:

  • New HTML developers
  • New Web Developers
  • Anyone who wants to build simple HTML pages and would like a refresher or information on the tags available through HTML
  • Anyone who has never learned about HTML5 and just wants a quick look at new HTML5 features

Course content

Welcome to the course 4 lectures â€˘ 16min

  • Course Overview 06:18
  • Why a Text Editor is a good idea 06:16
  • Installing Microsoft Expression Web [Free Version] 02:14
  • Install Adobe Brackets 00:59

Syntax and Page Layout 6 lectures â€˘ 17min

Text 5 lectures â€˘ 10min

Special Characters 3 lectures â€˘ 12min

Lists 2 lectures â€˘ 6min

Links 2 lectures â€˘ 7min

Tables 5 lectures â€˘ 24min

Images 4 lectures â€˘ 16min

Input, and User Submission 8 lectures â€˘ 30min

HTML 5 Enhancements 7 lectures â€˘ 18min

HTML5 Media And Graphics 4 lectures â€˘ 10min

Further Exploration and Wrap Up 4 lectures â€˘ 24min


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